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Bumi Belah Samudra Number #1 Indonesian farmers and Agricultural

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Bumi Belah Samudra Provide The Best Only

Bumi Belah Samudra was established in 2022 to provide a better future for Indonesian farmers and Agricultural workers, especially for the West Java region. We want to act as a bridge, connecting local farmers to the International market

Why Do You Need Us as a Partner?

Bumi Belah Samudra

We believe that trust is a priority hence why we fullfil
our client’s needs and develop a strong bond with our
clients, partners and company.

We can provide our clients with various products that
not only meets the requirements but also with a
competitive price.

Our company have the required assets to produce
our client’s goods and trustworthy partners to
support us.

By working with us, our clients will act as our business
partners and take part in building a better future for
local low-income farmers


Bumi Belah Samudra

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We believe that as a company we can be the biggest supplier for both international and domestic agricultural needs.


We strive to build a successful company built on trust and to act as a catalist for the local agricultural market to gain exposure internationally.

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Our Product was From Good Quality with Best Price

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Get Early Information and Get Special Offer

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